Unique, custom-made and one-off tote bag, hand crafted by members from the United Painting crew using old stencils, left over spray paint from former projects and finished with a silkscreened logo, ooh-lala!


These bags are hand-made. By people who are not professional bag-makers. They are sold to support creative projects. There’s lots of loveĀ  involved in the process, but please note you might find a rogue drip, a funky fingerprint or another cute anomaly on the fabric. But that’s what makes them cool right?

On our side we promise that we will use 100% of the proceeds to pay participants and buy materials for new projects. No cent will go to overhead, backoffice or other hidden costs (or free shipping, sorry)

If you have a particular design and color palette in mind, please let us know and we will see if we can make something that fits your personal needs.


ehm.. wear it with pride!

and you might want to wash your bag at some point. which you can do, but we cannot guarantee all colours will stay vibrant and/or the same. but maybe the bags get even cooler. plenty room for experimentation (at your own risk obviously)

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